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Ok /a/, I saw the first 8 episodes of clannad when it came out. When it got the the part where ~dozo girl was infront of her sister and she couldn't see her I just thought fuck no this show sucks. But then something possesed me to watch Kanon more than likly because I was told that the girls in it were so stupid the it was funny, I took the advice and watched it, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT Kanon is great good story not too realistic, jokes, romance, sadnesses and a harem (and normally harems suck with the "Oh no we all like the same guy 'shit'", this was done tactfully). But I must say that when Akiko got hit by the car I the sahow really hit me with emotion. Ayu's ending is great and I truly miss Makoto.

tl:dr Kanon rocks and everyone should watch it no matter what kind of anime you like.

(In B4 Slowpoke)