The end of ronery threads as we know it

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Referring to the humongous ronery thread just now posted by a tripfag...

Actually, in the beginning of this year, there was a thread about Bay-area kun and Canada-tan, who wanted to meet each other. I made an E-mail address wherein they both could send their addresses and I'd forward them to the other person in case they wanted to do a '4chan date'. Of course they could've just have traded addresses in the thread, but they seemed afraid to do to that, so I suggested being an intermediate.

I've been thinking of that, and I still think it was a good idea. Allowing Anons to anonymously post their locations in hopes of /a/non female to be found from the same area and them getting hooked up.

Some people actually tried it. Sadly, no /a/non females among them. If there had been, I'd have tried that.

The idea's rather simple if you think about it. /a/nons send mail to the date address, the one responsible for connecting scans for matching pairs that live relatively close to each other and send them the e-mail address of the other. They chat it out, go to a date and post pics of their success here in /a/ to end the ronery threads once and for all (since Anon sees even (s)he can be happy).

It might, of course, be obvious that there's no /a/non females here to go around OR that they're all reserved already. But even one hooked Anon is a step towards a better world.