Any sci-fi suggestions /a/?

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I do like the really weird stuff as well, but here's the sci-fi anime I've watched so far this year. Based off these, anyone have any suggestions?
- AD Police Files / Bubblegum Crisis OVA/2040 ~ Nice, nostalgic.
- Texhnolze ~ Awesome, really liked this one.
- Ergo Proxy ~ Okay.
- Gunbuster/Diebuster ~ Loved the original.
- Toward The Terra (Terra e) ~ Fucking incredible.
- Darker Than Black ~ Eh, I guess?
- Jyu Oh Sei ~ Some sci-fi, cool short series.
- Infinite Ryvius ~ Fuck yes.
- Planetes ~ Fuck yes.
- Crest/Banner of the Stars I, II, III ~ Epic.
- Starship Operators ~ Awesome.
- Macross DYRL, Plus, Zero ~ Watching F also, love this whole series.
- GITS everything ~ Incredible.

So any suggestions? Nothing too ancient, but with Bubblegum Crisis and whatnot on my list, I can definitely tolerate 80's stuff (in fact it sometimes works better for sci-fi, hand drawn stuff). I think I'm looking for something in between Texhnolze, GITS: SAC, Ergo Proxy, etc, or something, or maybe some more space drama. Can be depressing, dark, etc, should be some subtle emphasis on the settings and everything.