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Hey guys,

I need a series to follow asap. I kinda burnt out all the ones I planned on watching in the last couple of weeks, which were
1. Welcome to The NHK
2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
3. Rune Soldier

Now, I watched the following;
1. King of Bandit : Jing
2. Peacemaker
3. Last Exile
4. Samurai Champloo
5. Samurai X
6. Samurai 7
7. Wolf's Rain
9. Eureka 7 (1st season)
10. Inyuasha
11. Yu Yu Hasokso.
12. El Hessand : The Magificent World
13. Hellsing (season 1)
14. Deathnote
15. Spirited Away
16. Howl's Moving Castle
17. Naruto.....sigh*...
18. Bleach (first season, and some of 2nd)
19. Kiki's Delivery Service
20. The Five Star Stories

Now I was considering watching
-Battle Royale

BUT...I dont know if theres any hidden goodie anime series out there to follow, hell, i didnt know about Rune Soldier till a friend told me about it. Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance. -27