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I watch anime, but I don't let anyone know I watch anime. I don't speak about anime to anyone, except one or two good friends, and I avoid socializing with anyone who is an obvious anime enthusiast. As tempted as I am, I do not join any anime-related clubs or buy any anime merchandise. Very few people know I like anime. None of my family does. Most of my friends don't, either.
So, I have a question. What drives us to suppress our powerlevel? Do we really care so much about how we are perceived by others? Isn't it slightly sad that we cannot just be ourselves? Or am I wrong? Perhaps it is the fear of finding ourselves surrounded by Narutoolbags and Yaoi-fangirls who smell of cheetos and rancid bacon?

I guess, for me, it is the latter. I'm pretty antisocial, and I don't really have reputation to ruin, so the former isn't really an issue for me. I look like a fucking dunce most of the time anyway, even without mentioning anime.