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I was rewatching some old episodes of Maria-sama ga Miteru and it reminded me of one of my own experiences teaching.

I am a high school English teacher and I deal mostly with freshmen. Alot of my students are pretty cool, and I command a bit more respect than average since I help coach a few of the sports teams (alternating between basketball and track most of the time) so alot of the kids know me on a more personal level.

Anyway, one time I had this one student, a snotty little prick, really. Always reading ahead, acting the little know it all, being insolent, shit like that. No matter what extra homework I give him, he always manages to finish it early, then reads either further into the text or some other dumbshit book. No one in the class really likes him at all because he always is talking about math or anime, and that's it.