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Fuck. Here you had gone and done it all; you had the wine, bought the flowers and even scheduled the day off, yet you still find yourself in the Miclone chamber ten minutes too late. Klan and the rest of the Skulls have all ready gone out on the training mission. You drop the flowers on the table, and slovenly open up the wine, drinking straight from the bottle. you were going to confess to her, miclone or zentradi, it didn't matter. You fought Vajra, so why can't you be brave enough for this? As you take another swig an hate yourself, you hear something. A rattle on the floor, and a booming voice. Wait, what time is it-- shit! You were so busy lost in despair you forgot the time! Klan's back! You can't let her see you here! You quickly duck under the table just as the doors bolt open. Klan walks in and detaches her helmet. Her hair bounds out and bounces at ends, trying to escape its confinement. Strange to think that that bouncy hair probably could have broken your spine. Who cares, anyways. As Klan stepped into the Miclone chamber, soft blue bubbles take over her image, and below emerges the her svelte miclone body.