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The good thing about season 1 was not exactly everything would go according to Lelouch's plans all the time. There was always an unseen variant, most of the time it was Suzaku who would throw an unexpected wrench into Lelouch's plans which would give things a twist and at the very least Lelouch's plans would have to change accordingly. Season 2 everything goes his way and there's always some stupid way out. Like the one episode where he goes on a cliche drug trip then comes back to save the day by telling the Order to shoot a missle at said coordinates to destroy a bubble plant to completely overturn Suzaku's entire fleet. Then also when they were cornered by Xingke, all of a sudden Lelouch's ship has a huge motherfuckin laser on it that destroys everything in his way and he gets away again (even though they played the situation off as impossible to escape especially because everyone was stuck in mud getting shot and surviving somehow). Same as the latest episode where now all of a sudden he has this kick ass suit that destroys everything like some sort of god laser. Somehow that saves him from being entirely surrounded.

There are no wrenches in his plans anymore. There was this big hype up about the Knight Of The Rounds at the beginning of the season but they have proven to be useless thus far despite being the best knightmare pilots in Britannia. Also the story used to jump around from character to character alot more in the past, however it's been pretty much been all about the Order. Not saying that it still doesn't jump around but jumps are very less frequent.

They're leaving alot of holes in the story also, and if they leave it all until the last episode to explain them all it's going to be a big mess. Yet if they don't explain those holes and leaves me to say "wtf".