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Serious Code Geass thread and not just another troll thread.

For those of you still doubting that Anya (pink-haired Brittanian loli) is Marianne's clone or has something important to do with Lelouch's late mother, this is from the official Knights of the Round Geass novel:

The words on the first page are "only those (memories) recorded are trustworthy."

Anya feels there's something wrong about her memory. When she sees Ganymede...
"Ganymde, I knew its name from the data in army. It was the prototype of one of the candidates competing to become the mainstream in Britannian Forces. Since it lose the competition, Ganymede has become a dream mech. As for who developed it, the Ashford family, I have no memory of them. I don't recall hanging out with any person of that name. However, only records... photos are left in my cellphone's databank.
Old photos that I don't remember taking them.
(Note: It didn't say it's 1 photo or many photos.)

And tears come out of her eyes when she operates Gynemede."