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/a/ i need help. I keep remembering a certain scene from an anime i know i've watched but I can't put a name to the show. It involves a woman (who i think is royalty and is like the second main character) and a male military official, the woman's been "saved" by her country and in the process of being taken somewhere on a ship.

Her countries military has recently gone under new management, and this has helped show the official that the protagonists are in fact right in their quest, so he helps her escape. Now I realize right not this could probably be thousands of anime but what I do distinctly remember these two characters out on the deck, every other member on the ship beginning to realize what is going on and their being chased. What it comes down to is the woman is forced to escape via a rope attached to the ship which i assume led to another ship and the military offical saying he would stay behind and give her enough time to escape. I'm pretty sure he dies as a result cause I remember being heated cause I was finally starting to like his character

So an airship/ship deck, at night, with a military official almost forcing a woman to climb across it and escape before turning back and giving his own life to save her and the cause...please help me anon

also, pic unrelated