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So, it seems that some of you fags think that your almighty 'MANkoto' is the GARest thing since sliced bread. But really, who do you think you're kidding?

Sure, he banged alot of chicks. He even had a wholesome harem for quite a while. However, during that whole time, he never once got to his girlfriend. That's pretty lame.

Now, that lays out the main reason for FAGkoto being called GAR. But what happened to the original meaning of GAR - true manliness? Makoto doesn't go around busting heads, savin' the day, or doing anything manly at all. He got murdered by some bitch who thought she was preggers. Really, what a faggot.

Now, I'll tell about about someone who's really GAR; NaGARsumi. I mean, look at his name; it even has the word GAR in it!

Now, although Nagasumi didn't get to have sex with any one, he still had his own gigantic harem; in fact, in one episode, his harem contained all women who saw him. Even his own mother. That's pretty hardcore.
In fact, most of his harem are actually mermaids. He's so manly, even his mother AND fish are attracted to him.

Of course, as I said previously, this is not enough to be classified as truly manly. But, if you direct your attention to the picture I have posted, you will see manliness. Anyone who has watched the final episode of Seto no Hanayome will understand what I mean when I say that Nagasumi is truly GAR. However, for you poor, uneducated souls out there, I'll put it simply:


So /a/, I hope I've helped you understand one of the most important lessons of anime - NaGARsumi > FAGkoto.