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Sorry, but ear plugs would not save you from that noise. Just what would happen at that noise level?

>360 dB = 10log(I/1*10^-12), where I is the intensity of the sound. This means I is something like 1x10^26.

Lets say dear Ranka chan is about 4 meters away from those speakers. We know that I = power/area, and the area of a sphere is 4PIR^2. This gives us that 1*10^26 = power/~200.

All that above math means Ranka-chan is sucking 5*10^23 watts a second. Ranka would have to sing for about .000000008 seconds before being struck by the force of a nuclear explosion. If she sang at that volume for 5 minutes, she would have put out the power the sun puts out in 1 second.

To disagree with the OP, the loudest noise ever recorded was the eruption of Krakatoa (in 1883), that came in at 210 dBs. If something were to actually make a noise of 360 dBs for even a full second, the entire earth would be destroyed.

TL:DR version:
Ranka chan is an inhuman murder machine, capable of acting like a thermal nuclear device that would destroy entire planet.