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Yesterday, over the course of 8am to 9pm:

Cleaned house, scrubbed kitchen sparkly, did five loads of laundry.

Baked three pies. Cherry, chocolate, and lemon meringue, all the crusts from scratch, all the fillings from scratch, including had-to-pit-them-myself fresh cherries. Also, a small sheet of cinnamon cookies from leftover modified pie crust dough.

Made delicious meatloaf and delicious mashed potatoes for supper.

Had a little supper, no pie, fell asleep soon after from being on my feet and running about almost all day. Woke up to find a good deal of meatloaf and potatoes eaten, and a few slices of pie, but the kitchen was still fairly messy, so I'm going to be cleaning it now at 6:30 in the morning.

How's my Mako-chan power level, /a/?

Bonus question: am I a good waifu?