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sup, /a/, not a fucking troll, but I don't care what you think, take from it what you will

I recently landed an entry level retail job (new grad). Being a socially crippled we/a/boo, it's hard for me to make friends in real life. So anyways, a new employee started working a few days ago. The guy is overly peppy and active. He approached me and attempted to make small talk. I was kinda glad there was someone to talk to. Our conversation went on as we stocked the shelves. Then the conversation eventually drifted to anime. I sensed it a mile away. I tried to suppress my power level. He didn't know it but he was up against a master.

He opened with: "So, who's your favorite ninja?"
He scoffed, YES, SCOFFED, "Oh, you don't watch Naruto? It's on almost every night you know."
I said "Yeah, I watch it. Dattebayo subs it."
He replied with "Subs? Is that like those things in Naruto AMVs in YouTube where there's karaoke text at the bottom?"
Fuck. All I could say was "Uhh..I watch other anime, too."
He said, "Really? What?"
I said, "Well, I;m currently watching Gintama."
He obviously didn't know what it was and says "Cool. What channel is it on?"
I said, "No, I torrented it."
He was kinda thrown off by the word *torrent* and says, "So it's not in English?"
He says, "Oh, it must not be good then. Only really good anime make it to American TV. That's how they make money. I think they make a bunch of other anime, too. But only kids in China watch them."

I opened the box. Loaded up all the shampoo in silence. I walked away. Did I make the right choice, /a/?