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/a/, I feel like I've watched every animu that we normally discuss.

TTGL, LS, Haruhi, Higurashi, LOGH, Cowboy Bebop, Gun/Diebuster, Kaiji and Akagi, GaoGaiGar (ok that's more /m/), all the Gundam series, up to date with all of this season's animu, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing and related OVAs, and the list just keeps going.

What's something that I can watch and enjoy? I prefer action and hot headed manliness or LOLDEEP, and not so much moe trash like LS and Clannaids.

I feel like I've actually watched too much animu and am doomed to actually being forced to going outside and interacting with the world. Save me, /a/. You're my only hope.

That said, if you wish to just call me a faggot and have another Araki style thread, that is fine too.