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Oh for fucks sake, damn, you people really aren't happy unless you're bitching about something, are you? God.

1) Yes, he goes to school now, because he lives near or in a city (we don't even know where the hell his house is so he'd could still live in the middle of nowhere) and it's a convienent way to introduce plot points.

2) Being in school DOES NOTHING to his character. Last I checked Gohan in highschool was the same as Gohan in the Android Saga. They didn't making him a damned scholar, they just dropped his ass in a setting more familiar to the average audience and more similar to, well, everywhere Goku is that isn't in the first manga volume.

3) An action movie poster trying to hype people up for an action movie IS NOT going to show the character grinning like an idiot. Not even if said movie is an action/comedy movie. If, later on, they decided to advertise the more light hearted and comical aspects the film has THEN we'll see a smiling/grinning/goofy Goku in a poster.

4)es, Goku starts off in CIVILIAN CLOTHES because he starts off as a CIVILIAN IN A CIVILIAN SETTING. It's not the end of the fucking world, damn.

You don't like the idea of the movie, we get it. You don't like the direction of the movie (based on VERY little information, at that), we get it. Fine. No problem. But could you AT LEAST WAIT TO BITCH ABOUT SOMETHING UNTIL YOU HAVE ACTUAL INFORMATION ABOUT IT? Is that REALLY too much to ask?

I mean, god, I don't read this thread for a couple of days and come back to THREE FUCKING PAGES of whining about Chatwin's expression in fucking poster that's been released before work on the movie is even finished. God damn people, get a life.