Slayers Revolution

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ok, why do I not see a topic on this?


>>Part I - Episodes #1-#13
The story unfolds in the usual pattern with Lina involved in a fight with bandits in the woods. Gourry arrives to her rescue and escorts her to Atlas City. Lina and Gourry struggle to defeat Rezo the Red Monk, who has awakened as the Demon King after finding the Stone of the Wise. Lina is interested in Gourry's sword, the “Sword of Light” and allows him to accompany her after leaving Atlas City.
Amelia and Xellos the Priest join Lina and Gourry and they encounter many weird incidents relating to the Demon Tribe. Lina realizes it's because the weapon she used to defeat Rezo, “the Giga Slave”, is empowered by tremendous forces. Hellaster Fibrizo takes Gourry as a hostage and demands that Lina give him the Power – Giga Slave. Can Lina defeat this powerful enemy and save Gourry?

>>Part II - Episodes #14-#26
Lina and Gourry set out to find a new sword as Gourry lost his “Sword of Light” in the battle with Fibrizo.
They meet two treasure hunters, Luke and Milina. Lina and Gourry are in a desperate search for the legendary sword. They encounter many challenging adventures while on their journey. Milgazia, the old Master of the Dragon Tribe, tells Lina that Grausheller, the Supremacy King, wants to call upon the demon troops to rage the Devil's War as these troops did 1000 years ago. Lina and her friends struggle to stop this war of the demons, but, then, Shabrani-goodoo, the Demon King who has been sealed in Luke's body, re- a wakens! Luke attacks Lina with the power of Shabrani-goodoo. Can Lina and her friends be the legendary heroes known as “the brave ones who destroyed the demon”?

am I the only one slightly disturbed at the lack of Zelgadis mentioned in this? They cant just break up the big 4. Also wtf @ re-using Rezo and Phibrizzo.