Make-a-Waifu Version 5.5

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Okay, [a/. Here we go. Time for another one.
The LAST 2 DIGITS of your post will determine the attributes of your waifu as listed below:

0 = Tsundere
1 = Wears Glasses
2 = Is actually your sister
3 = Pregnant
4 = Enjoys Cosplaying (at your demand)
5 = Batshit Insane (Higurashi, etc.)
6 = Is a pedophile
7 = Clumsy faggot (which is apparently moe)
8 = Is actually MANkoto bent on stealing your heterosexuality
9 = Thinks we/a/boo is a disease, /a/ is a phase and anime is Asian cartoon

Also, to calculate the age of your waifu: MULTIPLY the LAST 2 DIGITS and ADD the 3rd LAST DIGIT of your post. Example:
(5*1)+7 = 12 years old; also batshit insane and wears glasses

We've had this before and a lot of people got doubles, triples and one quadruple. If that should ever occur, use this:

00+ = Handicapped and Blind (Nunnally)
11+ = Is a we/a/boo and would rather troll /a/ as a tripfag than have sex with you
22+ = Uguu~
33+ = Yandere
44+ = Enjoys dub shonen because it's the only good kind of anime
55+ = Muscular, fuckin' abs, etc.
66+ = Fat, no, not that anime with "healthy" fat... OBESE FAT
77+ = Emo fagget who cuts herself
88+ = Intelligent Superbeing (Yuki, etc.)
99+ = Will die in 26 episodes and you'll cease to remember her

Rerolls are allowed, but keep in mind that your waifu will lose 10 IQ everytime you do.