To LOVE-Ru volume 04 uncensored (English)

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Alrighty /a/, they've been laying around in raw form for ages, so now that I've got some free time I thought I'd have a go editing the uncensored To Love-Ru volumes. Since everybody should have read the magazine scans already I figured it didn't matter what order I did them in, so I've started with volume 4 since I'm a Saki fag and it's the volume with her on the cover. Have been working at a rate of one chapter per day, so a new volume should be out every nine days or so. I'm thinking I'll do volume 9 next, with Rin and Aya on the cover. Anyway, the links -

Many thanks to KEFI for the translations. I'm sure they don't mind their translations being used, or else they would've made a notice about not stealing their scripts. And we all know there's nothing like that around.