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Yes, I am the King of Games.

Haruhi's mai waifu, and will never be yours.

Not only that, dubs>>softsubs>>hardsubs.

I use VLC because Media Player and CCCP suck.

Naruto, Bleach, and Lucky Star are the best anime out there. It's some of the most awesome stuff I've... no... THE ENTIRE WORLD has ever seen. Oh yeah, Code Geass IS GREAT.

Oldfags are too stupid to realize that the shows Newfags watch are the only worth-while ones.

Meloncholy of Suzumiya Haruhi sucks, though Haruhi is mai waifu.

Oh shit... what was that?... Naraku is still alive and there's more chapters coming?!!! FUCK YES!!! IT EVEN HAS SOME OF THE BEST ARTWORK ANYONE HAS SEEN!!

Only RETARDS and IDIOTS watch Aria and Air.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was fucking terrible, from beginning to end.

I loved the plot in Kanokon. It's pure fucking GOLD compared to Death Note.

To end things off, WII is better than 360 and PS3.