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Hey guys, look what I just found on rapidshare.

We all know that a large part of /a/ is attracted to lolis, yet a lot of them (not me though) state that they only like anime lolis and not real children. Then most of them also seem to be interested in grown up girls as shown by the Nanoha StrikerS hype. Is everyone that can get off to lolis a paedophile? Are they just pretending or drifting off in a strange fetish. The loli "hype" that spread from Japan and started with Card captor Sakura is too large to be seen as a coincidence. Have all these men always been paedophiles or is there some other kind of secret behind it?

So one question surfaces: What makes a grown up man develop a desire for little girls? Even though they are just drawn/animated.

I have thought about it a lot and decided to write my thoughts together.