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/a/, i just realized that Code Geass is just an eva clone where shinji is as GAR as possible (take that every way you can think of).

this is mainly done by totally cloning the characters and making them less emo.

a. Lelouch is Shinji. His dad is a domineering, distant asshole. who happens to be totally fucking awesome. he sent lelouch/shinji to a distant school while he peruses his political ambitions. both fathers use subversive tactics to engineer their children's future. both lulu and shinji want to protect and fuck their sisters (rei, i know, kind of a stretch).

b. CC is rei. somehow mysteriously connected to lelouch's mom, marianne, probably possessing her memories. kind of silent. too bad rei didn't like pizza. eva could have been 9000 times better if rei was pizzabutt 1.0.

Kallen = Asuka. this should be totally fucking obvious. mom problems. red hair. tsundere.

Emperor = Gendo. i already mentioned this. it's fucking obvious.

Suzaku = Kaworu. totally gay for Lelouch/shinji. lots of homo lust here. in the end lelouche will have to crush suzaku with his mom. or something like that.

now if emperor wakamoto starts making moves on nunally, i'll be 100% convinced.