Neon Genesis Evangelion

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I just finished Evangelion for the first time, /a/.

That was the biggest pile of emo garbage I have ever seen. I don't care how critically acclaimed it is.

It started off great with a plot and everything. It had great dialogue and character development. It progressed the plot very well, adding mystery and intrigue with each passing episode. I wanted to see where it was going.

Then, for the last few episodes, they said, "Screw this! We're gonna drop everything we had going and attempt to pose questions that are supposed to be provocative, but really just anger the viewer because he/she doesn't care."

Help me /a/. Do I need to watch the movies? Do they expound upon anything that was interesting in the anime or are they just more garbage?

tl;dr I finished watching Evangelion and am displeased. How can I quench my thirst for Evangelion closure?