Let's make /a/ a better place for everyone !

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1) Do not post in a thread about a show you haven't seen.

2) Do not post in a thread about a manga you haven't read.

3) If you're interested in an anime/manga shown in a thread, read carefully the thread before, in order to see if the source is in it.
If not, try to google the names of the characters.
If the names aren't mentioned in the thread, then, you can politely ask for source.

4) If someone is asking politely for source for an anime or a manga, don't be a faggot and give him so that he can join further conversations about the anime/manga in question.

5) If you liked/disliked an anime or a manga, don't throw your opinion just like that, and give some arguments. Throwing an opinion is blatant trolling.

I'm sure we can do it, /a/ !