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>While paying tribiute to the classics of the mecha genre, such as Mazinger Z, Evangelion and Macross, the endlessly inventive Gainax has succeeded in creating a unique milieu with distinctive look and feel that transports viewers to a magical, almost surreal world.

>While the show's most daring gambits pay off in full, the inclusion of a standard bad guys storyline dulls the magic that Gurren-Lagann so often achieves.

>Hiroyuki Imaishi and Gainax have achieved a new plateau in their craft, creating what's destined to be a beloved classic, right up there with the likes of FLCL, Future Boy Conan and Nadia of the Blue Water...

>The entire saga of Simon unfolds like a novel, filled with unique and complex characters. Studio Gainax certainly succeeded in creating a moving drama that will mesmerize most viewers, whether they like action, comedy, or more serious story telling