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Seriously /a/ I don't know what the fuck you people even bother with this stupid weeaboo happy-go-lucky unrealistic japanese SHIT. What's the fucking point? There is no point and I'll tell why; it's because no cartoon ever made or will ever be made could possibly surpass the awesome that is The Brave Little Toaster. Seriously this cartoon is the shit and anybody who disagrees with me doesn't know what they're talking about and should just shut up until they do. Just because you have a hard-on for Naruto's sister or that chick with the tits from Onepiece does not meat that you should deny yourself the divine rite of passage which is watching The Brave Little Toaster 5 times in succession every Saturday and thinking about it all the time and having toasters all over your room and toaster posters and a toaster mug and everything toaster related and only think about The Brave Little Toaster wherever you may go and wherever you may so much so that you just want to dance.

Tldr; you are wasting your time with this stupid bullshit and should watch TBLT.