What amazing Irony.

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So, I was surfing the web for a place to watch Gundam 00 at, and while you watched the anime, you could also chat with other people.

So I went into one of my regular raw anime providers sites chatroom, and this guy was there as a mod, posting almost naked pictures of himself bitting his nipple, and then he kept switching from the Mod to the anonymous*Thingy* and while logged onto the anonymous *thingy* he was ranting homosexual slurs.

Then he would log out as anonymous and come in with an entirely diffrent username from his first one. Least to say, I caught on to him, and then pointed it out to the other moderators who were getting drawn in as I demeaned him for being suck a hypocrite and coming into the room with one name showing homo erotic pictures, and the other name, cursing homosexuals. I picked him out as a closet homosexual aloud, and everyone in the room got silent. With little dot dot dots and all.
Then I just ignored the chat box and finished watching Gundam 00, and poured buckets of tears watching him die....


Ask for Mr.RaWR , Haha.