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Denno Coil in my opinion is not a good anime and I cannot recommend the series so therefore it gets a very low 4 rating.

The story borrows heavily from full metal alchemists and the collection of kirabugs to open up to the "otherside" is completely unoriginal.

The art is great in the way it combines cg and cartoon seamlessly however, the colors are not vibrant and the drawings are a bit 2d looking and plain.

Sound is nothing special voice a...cting is average and the soundtrack is poor despite a great opening theme song.

Characterization has some depth and it tries to be complex, however, one of the main characters is the dog, densuke. He is a great character but unfortunately is hardly in the tv-series, he plays a major part later on, but the tv series would of been much better if he played a bigger role throughout.

Overall, I found the series to drag throughout its slow pace and uneventful tv series. The final 3 episiodes are good and emotional, but the characterization is so undercooked that the impact is significantly less impactful than it should have been. I would recommend the final 3 episodes, but the rest of the series was a bore.