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I watched Pokemon The First Movie again. The first was in theaters which was years ago so I was young and I enjoyed it. So after watching it again, I just realized... Is the film trying to deliver a message?

We all know Pokemon are creatures that are forcibly captured by humans who throw them into battle so they can win badges to prove their Pokemon training badassery or some shit. Toward the end of the film, the humans watch the Pokemon fight their clones and come to realize that violence is bad. Even Misty says violence is bad.

The whole feature of Pokemon is to capture them and force them into battle and this film is telling us that fighting is bad? This is such a huge hypocritical film. So after Mewtwo makes a change, he erases their memories possibly making them forget that fighting is bad and continuing adventures to capture more Pokemon to rule the world or something.

I'm surprised that there's no big news about parents disapproving Pokemon for promoting animal abuse.