Average Intelligence Shows

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So, /a/. I want middlebrow shows. Not shows that are so incredibly DEEP you could delve into psychology and crap with them, or need lots of thought and analysis for. Nothing like Evangelion or Utena. I've seen people interperting every odd frame in Utena as symbolic somehow, from Miki's stopwatch to chair placement.

But I don't like shows that feel utterly braindead either, like Naruto or Sailor Moon or Zero no Tsukaima. I want shows that are just sophisticated enough to make you think, but are still enjoyable even if you're not actively analyzing everything all at once.

For example, TTGL in comparison to Eva. TTGL is not as intricate, but it's not stupid like Bleach, either. There are definite themes to be found in TTGL that are presented in a skilled way that's respectful to the viewer. Or Princess Tutu in comparison to Utena.

Got any for me? Also, pic unrelated.