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After a discussion with some people in the anime club..i can now say that Nanoha is pretty much Naruto with magic. 1st of all, we can compare all the characters.

Takamachi Nanoha = Uzumaki Naruto
Fate Testarossa = Uchiha Sasuke

As s1 was just a NarutoxSasuke showdown to be were they ended being friend, just that instead of kunais, they used magic.

Vivio = Haruno Sakura
Useless..just useless..all she does is crying and trying too hard to be moe. Like Sakura is a useless character.
Hayate = Uchiha Itachi
Overpowered, overpowered, overpowered..nothing more to add.

Knights = Cyborgs

another bunch of obscure people with weird abilities.
i could continue but in the end tl;dr.

Nanoha is just another Naruto.