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In another time

In a distant land

A generation after the radiation wars and the collapse of nations, governments, finance and communications, there came into existence a new Dark Age of tyranny.

Gangs of heavily armed marauders roam the highways, fighting like wild dogs over the scraps that are left of the old world. Warlords and petty Dictators have established tyrannical fiefdoms. Technologies that we once took for granted, and the fuel needed to run them, are now hoarded, fought over and jealously guarded. In the ruins of once great cities, tribes of degenerate, cannibalistic mutants lurk waiting to pounce on the unwary.

Who do you want to live the white lined nightmare with?

Easy Mode: Someone you would want to bang and is good at fighting.

Hard Mode: The character may either have useful survival skills OR be someone you would want to keep around for sex, not both.

Insane Mode: The character is someone you don't want to bang AND has no useful skills.

EPIC mode: Someone you absolutely hate.

(and a cookie to anyone who recognizes the first part of that intro narration)