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The other day there a few /a/nons were asking about Nair in the trap thread. I too was wondering if it worked or not. Well, since no one gave a decent answer I went out and bought some. So, for those wondering, here is what Nair is like:

1. The shit smells, bad. You know when you walk into a bathroom right after someone has taken a shit, and you almost throw up but don't? Yeh, it smells that bad.

2. Said smell stays stuck in your nose even after you've cleaned it off and showered. And if you're as unlucky as I was, you'll taste it every time you drink something for the next 2 hours.

3. When you go to rub it off, it burns. The burn isn't too bad, but it is akin to forcefully shaving with a dull razor.

4. Once you've rubbed it off you'll probably notice some hair is left. Re-applying the Nair makes that shit burn worse, and plucking each one sucks just as much.

5. They recommend you take a shower right after using the product. Shit burns >_>.

6. You're skin is gonna be bright fucking red like a sunburn for the next few hours. Don;t expect to be Ms.Secksy-Trap right after using it.

7. Depending on how hairy you are, you'll end up with some stubble.

8. It works.

TL;DR - It smells, it burns, it leaves your skin red, but it works.

Now, lets post some Jun pics.