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If you were Kyon and you would've had the chance to choose one of the 3 girls to fall in love with, who would you choose? PICTURE RELATED

A. Asahina Mikuru
-sexy and cute
-clumsy as hell(which makes her ubercute)
-shows feelings for you
-doesn't know any shit
-brews tea like a goddess
-is like a goddess
-comes from the future
-has no superpowers
-quite reliable

B. Suzumiya Haruhi
-great figure + can be sexy sometimes
-disapproves everything
-shows little of her feelings towards you
-will kick your ass
-has no respect for you
-is skilled in nearly everything she likes
-has the power of GOD/can modify/create anything
-will get you in trouble frequently

C. Nagato Yuki
-cute, in her own way
-only speaks when needed to
-takes action unexpectedly
-knows almost everything
-shows feelings towards you, but only you'll notice that
-has got alienpowers
-can modify/create almost everything
-most reliable person ever

Choose wisely, don't comment like: "rape mikuru + haruhi, choose yuki" and "who the hell are they?"

inb4 newfag comments, weaboo comments, trolling