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Episode 12-14 summaries:

Turn 12- Love Attack! 「ラブ アタック!」, June 29th
Thanks to what his kagemusha, Sayoko, has done, Lelouch will have a very busy day. At the same time, Millay announced a new festival, resulting in a great stir in the academy.

TV Fan says "Sayoko has arranged quite a number of dates for Lelouch". XD

Keywords from the newsletter: This is such a tight schedule for nii-san, who has no physical strength.

Turn 13- Assassin From The Past「過去 からの 刺客」, July 6th
Jeremiah shows up as an assassin from the Cult. Because of his Geass, Shirley is suspicious of everyone including Lelouch, and calls Suzaku out.

Keywords from the newsletter: Even for an altered human, there will be living parts unprotected!
Turn 14- Geass Hunting「ギアス狩り」, July 13th
Upon identifying the location of the Cult, Zero leads the Black Knights to carry out the annihilation operation. Just as he successfully forced the leader, V.V., into a corner, the demonic mech Siegfried appears.

Keywords from the newsletter: That's what I think. Isn't brotherhood the most beautiful relationship in this world?