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Seriously, /a/. I don't know why you faggots all hate this guy and then go and suck Suzaku's cock.

See this motherfucker? His so-called 'best friend' took a shot at him. Did he flinch? Hell no. He was bleeding like bitch, but he didn't even blink.

His sister was kidnapped, but did he BAWWW and have a mental breakdown? No. He remained calm and collected.

Now, Suzaku's girlfriend, who happened to be Lulu's sister, was killed. By Lulu. Did Lulu lose it when he killed her? No. He was upset, but he didn't freak out. Then we have FAGzaku. He totally blew a fuse. What a faggot.

Lulu even has a secret identity. Good god, so awesome. Does that fag Suzaku have a secret identity? Apart from Britannia's personal Cock-Sucker, no.

Euphie was probably the only girl who even looked at Suzaku with a hint of interest. But Lulu, hoho, Lulu has a whole harem. Kallen, CC, Nunally, Milly, Shirley, probably even Euphie as well. You name any female in Code Geass, they'll want Lulu's cock.

Sure, I'll give props to Spinzaku for being able to ignore the laws of physics and the like, but the only reason he managed to get so far is obvious; Lelouch.
Lelouch ordered Suzaku to live with the Geass. If it weren't for him, Suzaku would be dead.

Praise Spinzaku all you want, say Lelouch has no penis, but you all know the truth; deep down, you want nothing more than to be the one, the only, Lelouch of the Rebellion.