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Hey, for the first time in ages, I just realized that the pokemon anime is over 10 YEARS OLD. Upon realizing this, I've also noticed that NONE OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE AGED. AT ALL. AT FUCKING ALL. Did they think no one would notice? I mean, it took me a while to put two and two together, but still.
Also, pokemon when analyzed, makes no sense what so ever. I mean, lets get this straight, lulash turns whatever age at time of series, get's his pokemon, then goes on an adventure all on his own with no parental supervision. I mean, all these various ships he gets on to go to other countries, he's never been asked for identification, or his age. Being the adolescent of 10+ years he is, he has survived all of this hardship with NO MONEY. Pokemon centers are like "lol, sure we'll help you for free" Also, where the hell do they get those infinate amount of pokeballs. It's like they use some sort of summoning ritual to pull the things out of his ass. Also, has a pokemon never died or something? I mean, they're freaking electrocuting eachother, burning each other, drowning, smashing freaking craniums with boulder, has no one ever stopped to think, "wait, how the hell is that thing alive." Also, once a pokemon is caught in the pokeball (which by itself, is inexplainable)
It blindly obays it's master, usually anyway. It's like, lol u got me, kk i b ur slave nao. I believe, inside the pokeballs, is a xian church, where they preach about the nazarene. Thus making pokemon blindly follow their leaders without question. This would explain why the vatican approves of children playing pokemon. It teaches them to blindly obey their leaders.

Even after all this, I love pokemon. And no matter how utterly insane I think it is now, and it will only increase, I will still love it for years to come. Your input?