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What are your feelings on dubbing, /a/?

There's anime I'll watch in English, like Cowboy Bebop and the semi popular ones that had a decent VA cast. But some shows are completely butchered by the voice acting, thats what completely turned me off of Naruto when that came out. I remember my friend showing me an episode where Brock Lee was fighting the sand guy and thinking that the show was going places, but when it came to America I lost any hope and interest in the show. I really hope that Gurren Lagann doesn't fall in the same path, but the upside is that I seen the series already, love the Japanese VA, and finished it before it was dubbed in English. I think it would be horrible if it was given a horrible English VA cast, dumbasses who watch it on Cartoon Network or whatever, and then have a bunch of retards dressing up as Kamina in shitty Heartland anime conventions. To me, thats like saying your a Batman fan after watching the Joel Schumacher films...


Dubbing, yay or nay?