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For anyone having problems playing 1080p videos (or even 720p I guess, if you're hardware is seriously shit), give CoreAVC a shot.

On a 2.4ghz dual core, and the ffdshow codec is just not fast enough for 1080p, even when I set it to multithreading (which doesnt even improve a little).

If you're using CCCP, disable ffdshow's H.264/AVC codec, which will use CoreAVC (that you downloaded via bittorrent) instead. If you want ffdshow to still run, so you can deinterlace or someshit with it, scroll down to 'raw video' in the same codec list and change to 'all supported'.

Also, why the fuck do the gg-modified encodes in 1440x1080, like on Macross F and Gayass, look worse than 720p? Did they just take a standard def broadcast and upscale it? Pic related.