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Holy shit, /a/. I finished reading Berserk vol. 13 last night (so no fucking spoilers, please), and for some inexplicable reason I looked at that 3rd panel here (2nd from the left, with the close-up of the dude’s head getting split) for about 10 minutes straight. And the only reason I stopped then was because I wanted to get on with the fuckwin story.
The volume was absolutely full of unbelievably fuckwin art (which I’ll probably end up posting more of in this thread), but for some reason this frame in particular just utterly captivated me, and I have no idea why. The level of detail, the smoothness, the anatomy, the sense of motion. I just find it amazing.
Why is Miura such an amazing artist? How can he not only draw the entirety of one of the most visually rich mangas ever created, but do so well with one particular frame showing a guy’s head getting split open that it makes me stop and stare at it for 10 fucking minutes? I’m a drawfag myself, and honestly not even in my furthest slightly realistic hopes do I ever dream I could draw this well.

ITT, manga art you find utterly inspiring.
Also, prepare for more Miura. This chapter was too fuckwin not to share some of the art from it. Hopefully it’ll inspire some slowpokes and newfags who, like me at one point, have not had the pleasure of reading Berserk. I'll make sure not to spoil anything, though.