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/a/ I need help.

I know this isn't tech support, but I have never had a problem playing any videos with CCCP + MPC. So here I am watching Koi Kaze, and I load up episode 5 and the screen looks like shit with this nasty bar thingy going across the screen. I tried all the subsequent episodes, and they all have the same problem. Here's what I had deduced so far.
1. It isn't the files themselves. They work fine on another computer.
2. All other files play fine except episodes 5-13 of this particular show, so it isn't the codecs/player directly.
3. I didn't change any settings or anything between watch 4 and 5, and 1-4 still look fine.
4. I don't see any weird settings in ffdshow.
5. I tried changing the video renderer to no effect.

Anyways any help is appreciated. I could always watch it on another computer, but I want to watch it on my laptop and I want to figure out what is causing this problem. I can usually figure this stuff out myself but I am stumped on this one. Thanks in advance for the help I probably won't get lol.

Inb4 I just posted this in /r9k/ too, I know. Also talk about Koi Kaze because this is /a/. I think incest is awesome.