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Okay /a/, continued from >>12746048. Talking about power level surpression I was talking about an idea for a custom t-shirt I had for my little sister. My other posts and shirts/ideas are >>12748898 and >>12749031.

The idea was to have a large apple in the center of the shirt and a chibi image of either a)Lawrence and Horo walking around the apple w/ Lawrence smoking and Horo possibly whistling (a little musical note coming from her) or b)them riding on Lawrence's carriage with Lawrence smoking (again) and Horo clinging to him, grinning. Behind this image would be white text (the shirt would be navy blue so that the apple would stand out) saying "Whistle 'round the world", possibly to meet up with Lawrence or the horses. On the back would be the Wolf and Spice logo only instead of in moonrunes it would be in English.

Note: The girl loves Wolf and Spice so she'd actually like the shirt but she, like me, hides her power levels so I think using chibis would be too much. Also, she loves SZS and ZSZS so I was thinking of making a shirt for her too.

Any ideas? Pic somewhat related.