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Everyone was too busy circlejerking over their genius ways of hiding their retarded loli fandoms in that other thread so I thought of making a new one to keep those faggots out.

Could someone explain the point of power level suppression to me? Okay, so being open about enjoying cartoons and comics is a horrible way of introducing yourself to non-nerds and getting laid, but why does the enjoyment of JAPANESE shit require special treatment? Unless they're is completely disgusted by the thought of comics and animation, I honestly doubt that many people would look down on you for enjoying Monster, Fist of the North Star or whatever. Thing is, most of you only enjoy kawaii ^___^ schoolgirl shoujo shit and fanservice so OF COURSE an adult male shouldn't be open about liking that. How is liking non-pedo, non-fanservice anime/manga any different from enjoying super hero comics or other, similar nerd shit? Are you faggots all surrounded by people who have a fit after the mere mention of a Japanese product?

If someone thinks it's okay to obsess over cartoons and comics about muscular, flying men in tights yet finds Vinland Saga repulsive and socially unacceptable, they are most likely massive douches and I wouldn't really want to interact with them to begin with.