4Kids Planned To License Yotsuba

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A new report has come in that 4Kids tried to obtain rights to the Yotsuba anime as well as the manga before losing it to ADV. Like their attempts to get Strawberry Marshmallow, 4Kids was aiming for a show to attract a female audience hoping that the show would be cute enough to do so. The title would have been called The Life Of Clover and as usual, all Japanese references would have been eliminated and the plot would have been heavily changed. The names which have been leaked to us would have also be Americanized as well.

Yotsuba Koiwai: Clover Taylor

Mr. Koiwai: Forrest Taylor

Asagi Ayase: Hannah Stuart

Fuka Ayase: Chloe Stuart

Ena Ayase: Hailey Stuart

Mrs. Ayase: Barbara Stuart

Mr. Ayase: Charles Stuart

Takashi Takeda: Rick Jackson

Miura Hayasaka: Mary Morgan

However after many struggles, 4Kids finally lost the rights to ADV which has published the manga in it's original form and has announced to begin releasing the anime sometime later this year.

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-06-24/4kids-planned-to-license-yotsuba