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DBZ should have ended after the frieza saga, ending with namek blowing up killing goku.

One Piece should have ended after the fight with crocodile, ending with Luffy finding One Piece and being the pirate king.

Naruto should have ended after the fight with Zabuza, ending with Sasuke dying and Naruto severely injured.

Bleach should have ended after the Soul Society arc, ending with Aizens being decapitated by the old guy, Yamamoto Genryusai or something.(inb4 I get mocked for not knowing his name.)

Gurren Lagann should have ended RIGHT when Kamina died, ending with the whole ganmen(or whatever it's called) blowing up and killing everybody.

Pokemon should have ended after Ash got all the badges and defeated the elite four, ending with Ash defeating Gary and Gary admitting that Ash is superior.

Feel free to edit, add more or make your own for random animes.