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Theories about /a/

1. Geass is the new beautiful girl in town everyone is agog over.
2. Laggen is the girl /a/ just dumped for Geass
3. FLCL is the girl /a/ fucks on the weekend, shes very sweet but not relationship material.
4. Bleach is /a/'s secret man-man love but wont do anything about unless Bleach invites /a/ over for shots and a guilty handjob.
5.Naruto is the very sweet, and gentle big girl, /a/ was banging with every sign of happiness till everyone in the neighborhood found out. Now /a/ does't admit to anything involving her.
6. Lucky Star is the girl /a/'s seen everywhere, and lusts after, but thinks shes a whore.
7. Haruhi is the girl /a/ cant stand because shes popular and acts like shes deep. /a/ tolerates few intimations of pseudo-intellectualism