What do you like?

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Hey you guys, i wanna just talk about your favorite Anime SERIES
Im more into comedy and romance type

so heres my list (in no particular order)
1. Shuffle!
2. D.C. II (both seasons)
3. Full Metal Panic
4. School Days (Only the beginning)5. Lolli Time? (direct translation into english)
6. My Foxy Girl friend? (direct translation)7. To Love
8. Code Geass R2 and first (not my type but still enjoyed it)
9. Lucky Star
10. The Tower of Druaga
11. Hunter x Hunter (one of the best of all times)
12. Shaman King (What can i say, its Shaman King)

Theres lots more but i wanna hear your opinion so please contribute! :D

Just say style you like then a list with comments :DI think its a good opportunity for people to exchange some animes they like and find some new one =)