Ichigo Vs Yusuke

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Okay so my friend and I were having an argument earlier today, Yusuke Urameshi versus Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho, all powers up until the latest point in each show/manga, I believe Yusuke would beat the crap out of Ichigo without even breaking a sweat, he moves faster, I'd say he would be a lot stronger and if Ichigo even got grazed by his fullpowered Spirit Gun, he'd be dead, but all my friends joined up against me and claimed that Ichigo would beat Yusuke, I know I'm right, it's a clear power different, it would be like pitching Ichigo against SSJ2 Goku, I'd class Inchigo (Vaizard) as around a lower A clas demon, maybe upper B class, tell me your opinions on this guys, anything goes!

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