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ITT: Rozen Maiden TRUE ENDS

Sugintou wins the Alice game by way of sacrificing her Rosa Mystica(s) to save her master's life, thus permanently denying them to Kirakishou or the other dolls. Shinku and Suiseiseki are complicit and allow their Rosa Mysticas to be taken for this purpose.

When the Alice Game ends, Jun has to sacrifice whatever mystical power he has in the N field order to allow the dolls to continue living. This sacrifice is what killed the dolls' 'Father' and only barely misses killing Jun. The sacrifice enables the dolls to become human girls, sans Sugintou, who sacrifices herself utterly for her master.

It's revealed that Kirakishou never destroyed Hinaichigo's body. Rather, it's the body she uses to appear substantial to the others. When the Alice Game is over and Shinku releases Hina's essense, sans 'Mystica', Kirakishou becomes a more mature version of Hina with an amalgam of both dolls' memories.