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Good evening Anonymous.

I would like to discuss with you, and if possible the mods, about the place that copypasta has in this board. Yesterday, I got my fifth fanfiction related ban, which fortunately was appealed and removed. I honestly don't know what is considered as acceptable or not, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Unfortunately, the rules make no mention of these cases.

So, if we can agree on what is allowable, that would mean a lot for the writing userbase. And I'm aware of the apparent foolishness of requesting a place for pure text posts in an imageboard, but /a/ is the only place that could accept it. In any other place egg laying would be considered beyond foul, not to mention the inherent drama, e-peen stroking and circle jerking. Most of the writers I know of that post here do so anonymously, with only their skills to show the quality of their work, nevermind their previous work or name.
Only here one can get honest replies, honest with what they want without being afraid of looking like a pervert, and only here could someone request a pegging Nami pasta, or Kotomi giving a footjob. Only here could someone appreciate something based on YKK.
Every other place is stepping down, both in level and average critic level. Every other place is filled with hypocrites, endlessly patting each other in the back.

All I want to know is this: where is the fine line that differentiates bannable fanfiction from acceptable copypasta drawn? What can we post here without getting the hammer? And most importantly, why restrict the production of original content?

I want this to be drama free, if possible.